Our Team

Our team of brilliant and gifted people are professionals in graphic and web design, as well as in new media. They are passionate about creating interactive applications that stimulate, instruct and communicate your message to your potential customers in the most effectual manner.

What do we do?

*We design award-winning websites in Flash/HTML that your team can update on their own with our easy-to-use CMS tools.

*We devise, develop and host effectual websites and e-commerce websites.

*We design high-quality websites in Flash/HTML that your own team can update, without assistance, using our easy-to-use CMS tools.

*We produce custom-made content management systems for existing websites.

*We make existing websites up-to-date.

*We design e-newsletters and develop customized email marketing systems to suit individual client needs.

*We optimize websites and provide instantaneous solutions to improve their search engine page rankings and augment their visitor numbers.

*We have a variety of skills for design and print. We can design and provide anything from logos, letterheads and business cards to umbrellas and promotional confectionary!

To help you express your message in the most effective way, we use multimedia and ‘new media’ forms ranging from web-based Flash applications, videos and viral games, to 3D animation, professional photography and music production.

Here’s our portfolio »
At Google Designing, we earnestly believe that our clients deserve to get exactly what THEY want, so our goal is to provide them with the best services of our highly skilled and creative designers at affordable prices. To that end, our team works closely with our clients to produce results that meet, and sometimes even go beyond, our clients’ expectations.

Knowing how important your logo will be in making the first impression on potential customers, we work with you to create the image you want to project, not stopping until you are absolutely satisfied with the result.