How we Work

We aim to create brand designs that catch and depict the quintessence of your company. We believe our job is well done if customers recognize and understand who you are by just looking at this.

Understanding the Concept

We start with conversations and questionnaires, which give us an insight into your requirements, aims, schedule and budget.

Plan with Conversations & Questionnaires

We get together, either face-to-face or over the phone, to run ideas by each other.

  • What is your goal/vision?
  • What are within bounds or off limits?
  • If you are not sure about your goal/vision, we’ll brainstorm.
  • Then we’ll send you some questionnaires specially designed for you as per the requirements of your project, so that we understand your needs.

Think and Research

  • We then ponder over the requirements of your project and company, and come up with ideas, using mood boards to help us focus in the right direction.
  • This often leads to more questions, which we gather through more questionnaires and interviews.

Estimate of the Project

  • Next, we make an estimate for your project, keeping your requirements, goals, time frame and budget in mind.

 The Proposal

We present you with the estimate for your approval, after which we prepare the full-fledged proposal which outlines everything in detail, for you to sign.

Mock Designs

We make a presentation of our first round of rough design concepts, to run some ideas by you.

Choose your Direction

Once you have chosen your favorite design concept, it goes back to design lab for further refinement – whether it needs it or not – because we make no compromises in the quality of our work!

Review & Testing

We now have rounds of design and feedback until we are both satisfied with the refined design, and start considering the viability and economics of production.

Develop on Approval

Whether it is print, web or signage, we manage the production process to ensure the quality of the final product because we want it to be as brilliant as you do!

Delivery and Support

The new design or brand may look impressive, but we have to monitor the data to see how it performs as time passes. We consider the following questions:

  • Are alterations required to boost performance?
  • Will we find an additional requirement or bright idea?

The End/ Beginning

Now that we know your product/brand so well, we can offer insights and ideas to keep enhancing your brand. If you continue to work with us, we will always look after your best interests